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Download 9 grouping combination pattern pages from A Guide To Rhythmic Freedom, guaranteed to make you a more expressive drummer*!

*Practice and patience are required 🙂

Welcome to Your Next Level in Drumming.

As a lifelong performer and instructor, I understand firsthand the power of PHRASING in drumming. It’s not just about keeping the beat; it’s also about unleashing your full creative potential and expression through the drums. That’s why I’m excited to offer you these exclusive 9 Drum Worksheets, excerpted from the Stickings section of A Guide To Rhythmic Freedom, and designed to transform your playing and take your skills to new heights.

What's Inside These Power-Packed Worksheets?

  • Master 16th-Note: Dive deeper into the world of 16th notes to bring versatility and originality to your drumming.
  • Explore Triplet & 16th-Note triplet Combinations: Expand your repertoire and fluidity with diverse and engaging 12 and 24 note combinations.
  • Conquer 32 Note Combinations: Challenge yourself with more complex patterns that will elevate your playing and impress any audience.

Why These Worksheets?

  • Custom-Crafted for Improvement: Each worksheet is carefully designed to progressively enhance your skill level.
  • For Every Drummer: Whether you’re just starting or looking to refine your technique, these worksheets cater to all levels.
  • Learn at Your Own Pace: Practice in the comfort of your home, with clear and concise guidance to support your journey.

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